Stay and Create Space

Creating Space


Space can evolve. What once was used for a single purpose can grow the need for multiple. Rather than simply accepting limitations, why not expand?

To those considering home additions, the thought process is two-fold, abandon what we have for something new or reimagine our current situation. Seeking a new home changes location and layout, but disrupts life with a permanent paradigm shift. You are somewhere new. However, by building on, you are able to stay in place. You remain comfortable in your location and the home grows to meet your needs.

Start by imagining the addition’s use. By determining the use, the size of the addition is determined. Zoom out to the exterior, the shape of the home must remain logical. With a three dimensional view, you can begin sketching out the idea. Discovering the use, the shape, and the size creates a functioning idea.

Once the idea is in place, all you need to do is find craftsmen able to perform and organize the process. Our client centric environment will keep you informed through the architectural planning, design process, and execution. Quality and attention to detail will turn that functioning idea into a beautiful home addition.

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