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Home Office Construction & Cabinetry

These days many people not only need a home office as a place to take care of personal items but also to telecommute or even run a business. A recent article in business week highlighted the popularity of the homepreneur and how many people are running successful businesses out of their homes. In fact I am one of those homepreneurs and it can be very rewarding.

If you are considering becoming a homepreneur or need an office for personal use there are many ways to achieve a productive working environment. The first step is to plan a location for the home office:

  • Spare Bedroom
  • Unused Living Room
  • Attic Space
  • Basement
  • Office Addition
  • A Closet
  • Part of Another Room
  • Take up Space from the Garage

These are all great ways to find some room to construct a dedicated home office space. Once the space is defined it is important to think about functionality.

  • Storage
  • Desk Area
  • Computer Area
  • Drawing Area
  • Work Surface
  • Computer Area
  • Will you need to meet clients?
  • Will you have multiple people working in the office?
  • File Storage
  • Bookcases

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