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Making a change can snowball. Change the living room and the adjacent room now feels older, left-out, awkward. It isn’t always possible to renovate without casualty. A fresh inviting new room will ultimately leave others feeling lesser. It is important to determine which rooms need the most attention and how those rooms will affect your home.

We’re talking about a larger picture of your home. First determine the rooms that need remodeling and then start thinking about how they flow together. Incorporating new design elements into each room will be key to creating that flow. This is crucial in cases where you want to go in a completely new direction involving darker colors, different molding, and even structural changes.

Together, we can discover a remodel that simply works in every aspect of your home. Take the first step by outlining the rooms in your home with the most needed renovations. Then, look at the adjacent rooms and determine if they will be affected. Once you’ve got the scope of your project, contact us for an estimate and we will guide you through the process.


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