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Unique Challenging Projects

Unique Projects Deliver Spectacular Results

The climate of building and remodeling is always changing. Being a part of innovation and change is important. Rather than simply standing still, Stone Creek Builders actively learns new building techniques, explores new building material, and installs creative new technology.

If you have a truly unique project, you don’t have to give up or try to tackle it on your own. We’ve always been pioneers of the remodeling and building field. It takes that strive to be different and satisfy every customer to truly thrive.

For example, we are one of the only installers of FoxBlocks, a foam insolated concrete building block, on the east coast. With this new technology, the home owner has incredible insolation and will save in energy efficiency over the lifetime of their home. In fact, this new technology is being used nation-wide but hasn’t become extremely popular in our area. However, we believe in being ahead of the curve.

It’s alright to have a unique, strange, or peculiar project. We will investigate and estimate to the best of our abilities and have our craftsmen put to work for you.


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